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Welcome to my blog. My name is Warren Larson. I am the director of the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies and a faculty member of Columbia International University Seminary and School of Missions. I teach in the area of Islamic Studies.

I lived and worked among Muslims in Pakistan for twenty-three years (1968-1991).  While church planting was the main assignment, I also operated a reading room in order to foster better understanding between Muslims and Christians, as administrator of a Bible Correspondence School, and as Department Superintendent of Christar (formerly International Missions, Inc.).

 My book on religious extremism in Pakistan and its effect on Christian missions was chosen as one the fifteen most significant books on missiology in 1998.  Due to my expertise in this area, I have been quoted in both Christian and secular publications, and am regularly invited to speak and teach in various capacities around the world.  My wife and I live Columbia, South Carolina.

The primary focus of this blog is going to be on what God is doing in the Muslim world, particularly in South Asia. This part of the world has experienced the spread of radical Islam but also a new openness to the gospel.

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