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The 5 minute video will be available for download on 9/1/11

Call to Prayer: Moving from Fear to Faith

Allow us to share a five minute presentation during your Sunday morning service on 9/11/11.Ten years ago our nation was attacked by Muslim terrorists. Many agree that event forever changed the world. Our international relations are strained; our battle against an elusive global terrorist enemy has created fear and paranoia. What a difference it would make in the future if we moved from fear to faith, believing God’s love can sweep over the Muslim world through our prayers and witness.

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Throughout this extremely hot month (August 1-29), Muslims around the world are keeping the Fast.  (Ramadan is earlier this year by eleven days because the Lunar Calendar is shorter.)  The faithful are required to fast from sunup to sundown and not even allowed to swallow their saliva!  Yet, despite the rigor, business is booming in Muslim circles: there is festivity and camaraderie as they consume more food and socialize more, especially at month-end, when Ramadan ends.

It is one of Islam’s five pillars and highlights the revelation of the Qur’an.  [“Five Things Non-Muslims Don’t Know about Ramadan,” NPR, with Vali Nasr, professor of International Politics at Tuft’s University]  This is a good time for Christians to pray that God would reveal Jesus to Muslim friends, possibly through dreams. [The 30-Days Prayer Network]  Almsgiving, a second pillar, requires them to give 2.5% of their income.  These two pillars come together on a special day at month end.  Islam promotes giving as a way to earn God’s favor, with the hopes of gaining paradise, but Muslims lack assurance.  Christians also give out of obedience but as an act of worship and gratitude for what God has given them through Christ.

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